The Pros and Cons of Rolling Admissions in the College Application Process


Rolling Admissions offers flexibility for students who need it. 

The Basics of Rolling Admissions 

One of the biggest perks of rolling admissions is its longer application window. If you discover another school you want to apply to later in the process, you’ll still have the opportunity to submit an application. 

Keep in mind that  “Rolling admissions can allow students to apply to universities and colleges at the last minute, but that doesn’t mean colleges will accept these students down to the wire, “ as Niche reminds students. Even if a college has rolling admissions, you shouldn’t wait until April just because you can. Colleges accept students as they come in, and once their class is full they will no longer accept any more.  

An important note is that some colleges with rolling admissions still have a priority deadline, so pay attention to each specific school. 



  • Allows you to apply to college last minute. If there are extenuating circumstances in your life or your family that prevented you from applying in the standard timeline, rolling admissions gives you more chances to apply. 

  • Gives you flexibility. If you didn’t get into your top programs and you’ve discovered a similar college or one that feels like a fit, you can still apply because there isn't a hard deadline.

  • Lets you hear back sooner. Applications are viewed as soon as they’re received, instead of waiting until all applications are submitted to start the review process. 

  • Means less competition at certain points in the process. Your application “might not be judged against so many competing applications, especially if you apply earlier in the admissions process.”



  • More competition at certain points. The later you apply, the harder it is to get in. Colleges are looking at applications as they come in and accepting students or rejecting as they come in as well. Rolling Admissions could be more competitive depending on when you submit. The earlier you submit, the better. 

  • Needing to respond sooner. In some cases,  “schools might expect an early response if they give you an early acceptance.” 

Colleges that use rolling admissions

For complete list, see here

  • Arizona State University 

  • Bethel University

  • Central Washington University 

  • Chicago State University 

  • Clemson University

  • Eastern Illinois University

  • Florida International University 

  • Indiana State University

  • Johnson and Wales University 

  • Michigan State University

  • Ohio State University 

  • Oregon State University 

  • Quinnipiac University

  • University of Maine

  • University of New Haven

  • University of New Mexico 

  • University of Wyoming 

Read more about Early Decision and Early Action before you decide whether to consider rolling admissions.