Koodoos is committed to eliminating opportunity gaps and helping those furthest from educational justice reach college and go on to lead a successful career


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Why We Do This Work

Our Vision

All students, regardless of background, can compete with their peers in the college admissions process and achieve their dreams of going to college.

Our Mission

At Koodoos, it’s our mission to help you figure out the college application process by providing selective, real-world strategies, tips, and services that will actually work to get you into college.

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The Theory of Change

When we focus on helping those furthest from educational justice, by providing strategies, tips, and services on the college admissions process, we work to close opportunity gaps and help every student achieve their college and career aspirations.

What We Provide

Koodoos provides both an affordable, fee-based college essay review service and our college admissions blog which provides free advice and guidance to help you navigate the college admissions process.

Our Goals

  • Help students, especially first-generation college-goers, succeed in the college application process

  • Educate students on their options for pursuing college and beyond

  • Provide winning strategies and information that get applicants into top colleges

  • Assist parents, teachers, and educators in guiding their student’s preparation for college