Studying for the GRE? Here are 8 Free Resources to Get You Started


You might have thought the days of standardized testing would be long gone after high school. Low and behold, the truth is, colleges still use standardized tests, mainly the GRE (Graduate Record Examinations), to measure whether you’re prepared for a school beyond undergrad (i.e. graduate programs) because unlike grading standards which can vary from college to college, national tests are more predictable of academic preparedness.

To help you ace the GRE, here are 8 free resources to get you started:


If you’re stuck in a waiting room, commuting on the train, or simply tired of the mindless Instagram scroll, take a look through these resources to introduce you to the test and get you started on studying.

1. GRE Study Guide

This study guide is a great place to start your studying. It helps you learn the different types of questions on the test, along with going over the most common mistakes on the GRE.

2. Khan Academy

ETS, the organization that creates the GRE, put a list together of top quantitative videos from the Khan Academy to help prepare you for the GRE., including arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. If math isn’t your strong point, start watching some of these videos to build up your confidence.


Practice tests are a great way to get comfortable with the style of questions on the GRE and get acclimated to answering questions within the allotted time frame. Taking a test at the start is a good way to gauge your strengths and areas for growth, allowing you to study more efficiently.

1. Powerprep II

Powerprep II offers two free online practice tests. Find out more at Powerprep II.

2. Manhattan Review

The Manhattan Review “mimic[s] the behaviour of the latest section-adaptive format of the GRE exam.”

3. Kaplan

This practice test is said to be tougher than the GRE, so if your score is lower than you expected, don’t worry! It’s probably best to try this one out towards the middle or end of your studying, closer to the date of the test -- but not so close that the lower score messes with your confidence.

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1. Magoosh

Magoosh offers flashcards online and through their app. Flashcards include 1000 of the most common GRE words.

2. GRE Prep

This app includes hundreds of quizzes and answer explanations, so you’ll understand why you got a question wrong.

3. GRE+

The GRE+ app includes writing, math, and vocab.


Set a deadline for yourself. By selecting when you’d like to take the GRE, you can work backward and determine how to plan your studying. Use these resources to supplement your normal studying and help you feel confident come test time!