50 Questions to Ask Next on Your Next College Tour


A college tour is your opportunity to get to know the campus and start picturing yourself as a student there. You can research colleges for weeks on end, but nothing beats the experience of walking on campus and seeing the college with your own eyes. Many students know as soon as they step foot on campus whether or not they see themselves attending. 

To make the most of your time on your college tour, come prepared with a list of questions. We’ve put together a list of 50 questions to give you an idea: 


About College

  • Why should I choose this school? 

  • How many undergraduate students attend?

  • What are the most popular majors and programs?

  • What is the retention rate?

  • What is the graduate rate? 

Student Experience 

  • How many commuter students do you have? 

  • How many resident students do you have? 

  • Do students stay on campus over the weekend, or do a lot of students visit home? 

  • How would you describe the residence halls? 

  • Are there lounge areas in the residence halls? 

  • How are the dining halls? Which is your favorite / the most popular among students? 

  • Where do students usually go to hang out? 

  • Are first year students permitted to bring their car to campus? 

  • What’s the biggest complaint students usually have about the campus?

  • What are most students’ favorite part about this campus?

  • Are living & learning communities available? How do you apply? 

  • How diverse is the campus? 




  • Do I have to apply to my major or will I get to select upon application?

  • Which programs are most competitive to get into? 

  • How easy/difficult is it to switch majors later on? 

  • Do students study abroad? What percentage take advantage of the study abroad programs? 

  • What year or semester do students usually study abroad? 

  • Is there a writing and/or math center? 

  • How many students double major or minor in another discipline?

  • Is tutoring available on- campus? How do I find a tutor?  


  • What is the average class size for first-year students and introduction courses?

  • What is the average class size for upper class courses?

  • Are classes lecture-based or discussion based

  • What percentage of classes are taught by Teacher Assistants? 

  • Does this department offer undergraduate research opportunities? 




  • Which sports are available on campus? 

  • What division is the college? 

  • Are there intramural options? 

  • How many students are athletes? 

  • How many students participate in intramural sports? 


  • What kinds of volunteer opportunities are available on-campus?

  • Are there opportunities to volunteer off campus?

  • Does the college offer any type of Alternative Spring Breaks or other ways to get involved in the community?


  • Which clubs are the most popular?

  • Is there Greek Life? What percentage of students are in a sorority or fraternity? 



  • What are your average financial aid packages?

  • Are there merit scholarships available? Do I have to apply for a merit scholarship?

  • What percentage of students are eligible for work-study opportunities? 

  • Do many students work part-time jobs? 


On-Campus Career Services 

  • Does the career center offer mock interviews?

  • Does the career center offer resume and/or cover letter support?

  • What other services does the career department provide? 

  • Do you have a co-op program? 

  • How many students get internships? 

  • How many students go to graduate school after undergrad? 



Think about your priorities. Do you want to have your car on campus or be able to walk everywhere? Do you want to join an intramural soccer club, or volunteer with an after school program for elementary schoolers? Are you determined to find a school with a co-op, or is your goal to find a solid study abroad program option in Paris? Take a moment to think about your top priorities and interests and create a list of your top questions to ask on your next college tour.