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What is a Holistic Review? All Your Questions Answered

At this point, most US colleges have implemented a holistic approach to their college admissions process. Instead of focusing on a number, admissions committees aim to understand who applicants are as individuals, specifically what they’re going to bring to the classroom and the campus community.

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The College Admissions Cheating Scandal: What the Latest Revelations Tell Us about the Scheme

As we learn more about Operation Varsity Blues and the wide-reaching schemes executed in the college admissions scandal, the FBI has revealed that it “is largest [crime] of its kind ever prosecuted and features 50 defendants across six states, millions of dollars in illegally funneled funds and a handful of the country's most selective universities.”

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Here's What Everyone on Twitter is Saying about the Latest College Admissions Scam

Today, the FBI revealed they’ve been investigating one of the largest college admissions cheating schemes in the history of the United States through which $25 million changed hands and multiple CEOs and celebrities have been charged. Here’s what folks across Twitter are saying about the cheating scandal

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4 Things You Can Do as a Freshmen or Sophomore to Help Your College Application Stand Out

We all know that to get into top colleges, students need to start preparing early in high school to stay competitive. That means, participating in extracurriculars and taking a rigorous course load as early as sophomore year. Starting a club or building houses in your free time is more common than you think, so to truly stand out among hundreds of undergraduate applications, you really have to go the extra step in pursuing and participating in opportunities that aren’t run of the mill. Here’s what I suggest for freshman and sophomores to get a leg up in the race:

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Q&A: Should I Include a Resume with my College Application...and Other Questions

For one of the schools I’m applying to, the word limit for the personal statement is 3,250 words. I called the school’s admissions office to ask if 3,000 approximate words was correct, to which they confirmed on the basis of it being a “transfer essay”. I’m wondering if lengthier essays for transfers aren’t uncommon, especially for selective schools.

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Q&A: What Should I Wear to My College Interview and Other Questions

What should I wear to a college interview?

I’m struggling with figuring out what to wear for a college admissions interview I have scheduled for next week. I know that people say not to go too over the top, but my interview is going to be inside at a medical office during the business day.  Should I wear a full suit?

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