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How to Get Ahead Before You Get Behind: 3 Ways to Balance School and Extracurricular Activities

Senior year is a juggling act. You’re involved in extracurriculars or busy with your part-time job. You’re managing a full course load, with exams and essays and projects galore. Add college applications into the mix and everything starts to feel off-balanced.

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Why Your Extracurricular Activities Matter (in College Admissions and in Life)

Like the name implies, extracurriculars are the things you do outside of your normal curriculum. In other words, an extracurricular is any organized group activity or hobby that is an extra to what you do in your studies.

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4 Things You Can Do as a Freshmen or Sophomore to Help Your College Application Stand Out

We all know that to get into top colleges, students need to start preparing early in high school to stay competitive. That means, participating in extracurriculars and taking a rigorous course load as early as sophomore year. Starting a club or building houses in your free time is more common than you think, so to truly stand out among hundreds of undergraduate applications, you really have to go the extra step in pursuing and participating in opportunities that aren’t run of the mill. Here’s what I suggest for freshman and sophomores to get a leg up in the race:

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