Common App Debuts New Transfer Requirements Grid


Common App’s new Transfer Requirements Grid provides an easy-to-read chart that helps prospective transfer students better understand the deadlines, fees, and specific application requirements for the 600+ colleges and universities who accept the Common App for transfer applications.

For years, Common App has produced the First Year Requirements Grid for incoming first-year university students. The First Year Grid “has been a resource on the first-year side that students and counselors have come to rely on, and we hope [the Transfer Requirements Grid] dedicated specifically to the transfer application becomes an equally valuable tool”, the Common App website reads.


Students can use the Transfer Requirements Grid among many other tools on the Common App website which are specifically designed for transfer students including:

  1. A list of Common App member colleges accepting the transfer app

  2. A  Transfer Help Center that’s available 24/7 when you need help

  3. YouTube video tutorials covering every aspect of the transfer application from creation to submission,

  4. The Common App Quick Start Guide

According to the Common App website, a 2016 report from Columbia University's Teachers College shows that about 80 percent of the nearly 1.1 million students who enroll at 2-year institutions intend to transfer and earn their bachelor's degrees. Only 14% of this group end up reaching this goal in six years. Using the Common App Transfer Requirements Grid may work to increase the odds by helping students better organize their transfer application requirements.

Check out the Transfer Requirements Grid below or download the latest version here on the Common App website.