Applying to Law School? Here are 9 Free Resources to Help You Defeat the LSAT


Applying to Law School? When the application anxiety starts to hit, it’s time to take control and start preparing.

The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is said to be “unlike any test you've ever taken in your academic career” according to Kaplan, as it tests your critical thinking and reasoning abilities. There are 5 different sections on the LSAT, including Logical Reasoning, Logic Games, Reading Comprehension, Experimental Section, and Writing Sample.

You’ll want to familiarize yourself with the different sections before you dive into preparation.

Here are some free LSAT Prep resources to get you started.

Free Videos

1. The Law School Admission Council offers a number of videos that explain the different sections and how to approach them.

2. Insight LSAT is a YouTube channel with LSAT lessons and tips. Start here to learn how to create your study plan.

3. Top LSAT videos is a curated list created by Magoosh with the most helpful LSAT prep videos.

4. Khan Academy offers a free, personalized LSAT prep program. Take a look at the videos and sign up here.

Free Online Resources

5. Velocity Practice Tests are downloadable and each includes an answer key. Try looking through the practice tests to get familiar before you dig into studying.  

6. The LSAT Center’s Prep Course is a comprehensive guide to the LSAT, with over 200 questions (half from actual past tests) and 150+ curated videos.

7. Alphascore’s free course goes through the logical reasoning section and the logic games section. Browse the website for additional free resources.


Free Podcasts

8. Thinking LSAT is a good way to passively prepare--a break from studying that still gets your mind processing and preparing for the LSAT with tips and strategies. Check out the podcast here.

9. PowerScore LSAT podcast topics ranged from LSAT strategies to admissions advice. What better way to spend your commute than with this helpful podcast?  

You’ve got this!

Like the SAT and 4 years of undergrad, the LSAT will be over before you know it. Trust yourself throughout the process and focus on the present task at hand. In between your studying routine, use these free resources to make the most of your spare time.