Service Academy Application Counseling

The service academies are federal institutions that provide an undergraduate education (just like a university) while training future commissioned officers for service in the United States Armed Forces. Applying to a Military Service Academy is a rigorous, highly-competitive, and lengthy process. Students pay no tuition while at a service academy, but they are required to serve in the military upon graduation, usually five years of active duty service and three years of inactive reserve service. Cadets and midshipmen receive a small stipend while attending an academy as well as free room and board.

Service academies routinely rank amongst the top universities in the nation.

▪ United States Military Academy (USMA) – West Point, New York

▪ United States Naval Academy (USNA) – Annapolis, Maryland

▪ United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) – Colorado Springs, CO

▪ United States Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA) – Kings Point, New York

▪ United States Coast Guard Academy (USCGA) – New London, Conneticut


We help candidates understand the service academy application process and put together a memorable application packet. The basic requirements for each service academy application are:


  • GPA

  • Course Rigor

  • Class Rank

  • SAT/ACT Scores


  • Extracurricular Activities

  • Athletics

  • Letters of Recommendation

Candidate Fitness Assessment

  • Basketball Throw

  • Pull-ups

  • 40 yard Shuttle Run

  • Modified Sit-Ups/Push-ups

  • 1 Mile Run

Courtesy of the United States Naval Academy

Courtesy of the United States Naval Academy

Over the years, our college admissions counselors have been trained and evaluated on knowledge of basic to advanced writing skills as well as the college admissions process, with additional training on how to facilitate the brainstorming process, interpret essay prompts, and assess candidates on college readiness indicators. 

As part of your application counseling, you’ll be paired one on one with a member of our team who can help you through any phase of your application essay writing including brainstorming, initial drafts, editing, and revisions. In addition, our founder and lead coach Joy, a graduate of West Point, will review your entire application from start to finish to ensure your representing your best self to the admissions officers.


Quick Facts about the Service Academy Application Process

  • The U.S. Coast Guard Academy is the only service academy that does not require a congressional nomination

  • Nominations are made mid-January. Notified by mail.

  • A nomination does NOT guarantee an appointment. All appointment offers are generally made by May

  • Every military branch except for the Marine Corps (which has a program at the Naval Academy) has their own academy. The academies provide a four-year university education and a commission as an officer in the military upon graduation.

  • All of the military academies are highly competitive and tuition-free to those admitted. The Air Force even pays their students a stipend.

  • Each academy supplies expertly trained troops to the armed services because they require a minimum nine-year commitment to the military — meaning at least five years of active-duty after graduating.