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What is a Holistic Review? All Your Questions Answered

At this point, most US colleges have implemented a holistic approach to their college admissions process. Instead of focusing on a number, admissions committees aim to understand who applicants are as individuals, specifically what they’re going to bring to the classroom and the campus community.

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10 Tips to Help You Nail Your College Admissions Interview

For many folks, the college admissions interview is the first big interview you go through on your way to adulthood and the idea of selling yourself to the interviewer can be nervewracking. Still, for some top colleges, the admissions interview is an important part of the application process and you can’t avoid it if you’re hoping to land a spot in the incoming class.

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What are Colleges Looking For? 6 Tips to Perfect Your College Application

As a professional admissions coach and on-again, off-again application reader for a large university, I often get asked the question:  what are colleges looking for? Meaning, what kind of traits do colleges look for in the students they admit? Well, the answer is long, but not really that complicated.

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