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Stanford Students File Suit Against 8 Colleges Involved in Admissions Cheating Scandal

Filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, a new lawsuit alleges plaintiffs, Erica Olsen and Kalea Woods, were denied a fair opportunity to gain legitimate admission to elite colleges, and that their Stanford degrees were devalued, by a college admissions scheme during which wealthy parents used side doors and cheating to get their kids into some of the nation’s top schools.

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The College Admissions Cheating Scandal: What the Latest Revelations Tell Us about the Scheme

As we learn more about Operation Varsity Blues and the wide-reaching schemes executed in the college admissions scandal, the FBI has revealed that it “is largest [crime] of its kind ever prosecuted and features 50 defendants across six states, millions of dollars in illegally funneled funds and a handful of the country's most selective universities.”

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